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Sprockets for bicycles: front and rear

Almost every citizen of the planet knows a bicycle today. It is an environmentally friendly form of transport that enhances health. Every cyclist should have a minimum of knowledge, which is simply necessary to repair the bike.

The front star is one of the most important parts of a bike. They are designed for gear shifting and torque transfer and are the main construction element of the cassette.

Stars on a bike are a description, the number of stars is part of the transmission of the bike.

The front stars are part of the transmission. And the rear ones are the driven part of the transmission. Thanks to these structural elements, rotation is transferred from the pedals to the rear wheel.

Without these structural elements, the bicycle will not ride because the force is not transferred to the rear wheel. This simple detail really is an irreplaceable unit of transmission.

There are two types of bikes:
  • Speed bikes, which have multistage transmission.
  • Single-speed models.
  • List item
Models with multi-stage transmission are equipped with two systems:
  • Rear Stars System (slave). Quantity 7-11.
  • System of front stars (master). Quantity 2-3.
Slave system consists of a cassette and a ratchet. Single speed bikes have standard equipment:
  • one rider;
  • one slave.
Bicycles are divided into several categories (hybrid, urban, highway, mountain, etc.). The number of stars for each category is determined individually.
  • On mountain bikes there are usually 3 leading stars.
  • On road bikes there are 2 presenters.
  • Bikes for extreme sports are often equipped with one leader.
What depends on the durability of transmission parts:
  • the quality of repair and maintenance
  • riding style
  • quality of materials
These structural elements are made of what materials:
  • Titanium.
    Titanium is used to make the most expensive products. It is characterized by high strength and light weight.
  • Aluminium.
    Products made of such material are several times cheaper than titanium. Characteristic feature is small weight. Applying such details, the bicyclist can lighten the weight of the bike as much as possible. Products made of aluminum are very popular among professional cyclists.
  • Steel.
    Ideal value for money. This is a durable and reliable material.
The following factors should be taken into account when making your choice:
  • Material
  • The method of attachment
  • Diameter
  • Number of teeth (18-52)
  • Designation

The front stars are the leading stars

The front stars are the leading stars

The front stars are part of the vehicle’s transmission. Their number is 1-3. They are a disc that is mounted on a carriage. Each disc has a certain number of teeth.

The chain is mounted on the teeth. This part of the transmission is used to transmit torque as well as to change gears. If necessary, the rider can increase or decrease the torque.

Spare parts are divided into two types:
  • Fixed
  • Removable. If necessary, such stars can be removed.

Rear stars – Slaves

Rear stars - Slaves

The rear stars are a part of the transmission. They are designed to change gears. Their number depends on the vehicle type and driving style. This part of the transmission allows comfortable pedaling in different conditions.

The stars are assembled in one unit. The number varies from 7 to 11 units. They are made of different materials (titanium, steel, aluminum). Expensive models are nickel-plated and also chrome-plated.

The number of teeth varies from 11 to 36 pieces.


Highway bikes (11-27). Mountain bikes (14-36).